Have a problem? I can solve it.

I am an artistic polymath with many different skills and a big picture view. I take on projects that I believe in and treat them with the same care and passion, I would show my own.

I offer a multitude of services:

Content Production and Management

Editing, proof reading, web writing, science writing, report writing, policy writing, creative writing, print production, CMS management, translations (English-Polish-German), video/film editing, cinematography & direction, audio editing & mixing.

Case studies, success stories, annual reports, print and online magazines, research papers, newsletters, brochures, press releases, social media posts and campaigns, policy briefings, political campaign programs, EU policy amendments, contributions to publications, e.g. book chapters, short stories, novels.

Business Development

Consulting services for: team building and management, recruitment, project management, public relations, pitching, sales, partnerships, expansion and innovating existing internal structures and processes (e.g. internal communication, department synergies etc.).

Education & Public Speaking

Academic and high school teaching, tutoring, skills workshops, team building exercises, public speeches (keynotes, panel debates, presentations).